Trending wine is the first beverage company to bottle and produce the top most globally recognized and trending social media campaigns and labels. Our wines accomplish more than just juice in a bottle, they are digitally interactive, campaign, distribute a message and give back to causes in need. On top of being a unique and quality wine, they’re just cool! #TrendingWine produces the most trendy brand and labels on the market!

Trending Wine is the next generation striving to be the future pioneers  and innovators of the new wine industry.

The new wine consumer… The face behind the wine glass is looking a lot younger and even our mature generations are now just as tech savvy and very active on social media platforms. The Millennial generation, which includes the youngest legal drinkers, is consuming more wine than previous generations when they turned 21, and the industry is taking note. “Millennials are storming the wine market and they want adventure and demand more transparency and  authenticity from winemakers

Social media allows our consumers to be interactive with our brand/labels and gives them the ability to share online conversations about their experiences with our wines.